UberPool – Launching 1st July 2016

Ride-hailing firm Uber announced today the official launch of its uberPOOL service on 1st July 2016.

First launched in the US in 2014, UberPool connects riders who are headed in a similar direction. Riders share the same vehicle and pay a lower fee compared to regular services like UberX. Riders are matched with each other through the app, which will also calculate the most efficient route to pick up and drop off passengers.

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Fares are displayed upfront, compared to an estimate on its UberX platform, a move Uber is also testing on the new version of the app.

uberPOOL also benefits drivers as they spend less time waiting for ride requests as they can pick up and drop off multiple customers along the way. The company also said that the service will help reduce congestion and carbon footprint, which is in line with Singapore’s goal of becoming a ‘car-lite’ society.

Singapore is the third Southeast Asian city to be offered this service after Jakata and Manila.

Image Source: UBER

Car pooling is a concept not new to Singapore. There are several websites and apps that have been offering car pooling services for many years. However, the response has been mixed. A key reason why car pooling has not taken off is because the service entails sharing of personal space with others. Being seated withing the confines of a car with strangers might be an uncomfortable experience for many. Commuters might not want to give personal space and time in exchange for a slight discount on their fare.

Given the high cost of living, joining the car hailing apps program as a driver will help you to own a car with minimum cost and earn cash to cover the cost of the car.

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