What is Grab My Destination feature

Grab has introduced a new feature to improve the lives of Grab drivers.

As part of their Better 365 project, they have launched The My Destination feature.

How does My Destination feature works 

My Destination feature matches drivers with riders heading towards the same direction. It works on a similar concept as GrabHitch On-The-Go feature.

Grab Driver My Destination Feature
image – Grab

3 easy steps to activate My Destination feature

  1. Click on Menu button at top left corner of app
  2. Key in the destination you are heading towards
  3. Start driving towards the destination and wait for matching trips

More about the My Destination Feature

Drivers are entitled to use the My Destination Feature 2 times a day. It will be reset on a daily basis from 12 midnight. Unused trips will not be brought forward.

It will only be considered as utilised when driver completes a trip. Cancellation will not be considered as utilising 1X feature.

Drivers can complete multiple trips on every usage. For example, Driver is in Changi and sets his destination to Jurong West. He may get multiple trips on course to Jurong West. Even if the driver completes 3 trips, it will only be considered as utilising 1X feature.

Drivers will not receive GrabShare, Back-To-Back, Multiple Stop and advanced booking trips when they activate the feature.

Regular fare including high demand pricing will be applicable to all My Destination trips. Drivers will be eligible to receive the current fare.

Important Points to Note

All trips completed using My Destination feature will not be counted towards all form of incentives. They include the hourly guarantee, trip-based incentives, surge guarantees and online hours etc.

Do not be confused with Uber’s policy where destination trips count.

Ignoring or cancelling trips will affect weekly ratings. Achieve a high rating to qualify for weekly incentives or maintain minimum acceptance ratings of 30% to prevent getting suspended from the platform.commercial Car insuranceWhat do Firstlane Think

A long overdue feature that Drivers have been waiting for. It is a good feature to have but pales in comparison to the destination system that Uber has been using for the longest time. For the time being, any new initiative from Grab should count as a blessing.

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