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What is GrabHitch On-the-Go bookings

What is GrabHitch On-the-Go

A new feature that will be launching soon that will allow GrabHitch Drivers to pick-up regular JustGrab riders in real-time. GrabHitch will join the service umbrella of JustGrab and be offered as a secondary option when Rider is unable to secure any car on JustGrab.

How is GrabHitch On-the-Go different from regular GrabHitch

There is only 1 difference between both options. When you turn on GrabHitch On-the-Go option, GrabHitch Drivers may receive matching trips request headed towards the similar direction. Pickup location is kept to within 10 minutes drive from driver’s current location. Regular GrabHitch does not offer such an option.

Think of it as Push mail VS Pull Mail. GrabHitch On-the-Go is like push mail where trips are pushed to Drivers whereas regular GrabHitch is like pull mail where Driver have to proactively go seek and accept trips.

GrabHitch and GrabShare are NOT the same. See what is the difference between GrabHitch vs GrabShare and book the carpooling service that best suits you.

Is this legal? I don’t have commercial car insurance or PDVL

Yes, it is legal as it is a non-commercial service and does not require to have commercial car insurance or Private car Driver Vocational Licence.

All GrabHitch drivers are required to abide by the 2 important LTA rules that is 1. No more than 2 carpooling trips a day (be it On-the-Go or regular Grabhitch), 2. keying in your intended destination to receive On-the-Go trips.

LTA had held talks with Grab over the inclusion of GrabHitch in JustGrab falls within the regulatory framework. It seems to be all good to go since Grab had come out and made public that it falls within LTA regulations.

When is this available

It is currently in beta testing mode and selected user will be informed if they are chosen for the tests. Driver and Riders should always update their Grab app to the latest version to see any latest changes.

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