All Uber Driver need to take a selfie before pick-up

Uber real-time ID check


Before you do pick-up anyone, First you have to take a SELFIE !

Uber has been testing out the new system in the US since 2016 and they are finally sharing the Uber Selfie system in Singapore now.

What is this Uber Selfie ?

Name the Real-Time ID Check, it is essentially a security feature to make sure that you are getting the verified driver for your ride.

Beside adding another layer of security for the safety of riders, the system is designed to prevent fraud in the driver’s account, denying unathfutorized third-party access to the system.

This new Uber Selfie addition will effectively builds more security into the app.

How does it work

Drivers are asked to take a selfie in the Uber Driver app before they can accept rides.

Uber real-time ID check
image credit – Uber

Uber will use Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to instantly compare this photo to the one in the system

If the photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while they look into it.

How accurate is the programme

During the pilot test in US, more than 99% of drivers were successfully verified.

Verification will take only a few seconds to complete, Real-Time ID check will also notify drivers immediately if a photo is unacceptable – if their faces cannot be verified or if the image quality is poor.

Why the need for it now

It has been widely known that drivers have been swapping and sharing account for a array of reasons and there is a lack of proper verification process in place.

The impending introduction of the Private car Driver Vocational Licence (PDVL) requires all private-hire drivers to be licensed by LTA.

Any unauthorised driver caught operating without a valid PDVL can result in both fines and suspension for both the driver and the ride-hailing app. Any suspension in service will result in massive financial and confidence loss for any ride-hailing app.

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