8 Things Drivers will Miss about Uber in Singapore

All good things must come to an end.

Uber finally ended its run in Singapore on 7th May 2018. Many loyal Uber drivers were determined to fulfil their duties to Uber riders till the final moments before taking a screenshot of their track records and achievements with Uber.

Let’s look back at the 8 things that Drivers will miss about Uber.

Cancellation Charges – Uber will automatically slap a $6 no-show surcharge on riders if they do not board the vehicle within 5 minutes of Driver’s arrival at the pick-up point.

Uber cancellation charge

No Show? No Problem!

No-Thanks – When the Uber driver does not feel like taking the job request, they can simply click on the No-Thanks feature and reject the call instead of letting the phone beep for a good 10 seconds.

Waiting Time Charges – Uber understands that time is money and impose a waiting time charge on the rider for making drivers wait for them.

Rider-Ratings – Rating is a 2-way street. Both drivers and riders are able to rate each other after the trip. Drivers are also able to see the rider’s ratings upfront before deciding if they want to risk taking a lowly rated rider.

In-app GPS – Uber Driver App in-built GPS is a useful tool for the busy driver. The app starts navigation towards rider’s pick-up or drop-off point automatically without the need to toggle between Google Map or Waze. Grab has since introduced GrabMap to provide in-app navigation option for their driver partners.

Auto-ERP charges – Drivers never had to take down how much is the ERP incurred for the trip and worry about keying in the wrong amount or worse still forgetting to key in totally. The Uber system is ‘intelligent’ enough to auto-tabulate the total ERP and charge to the rider.

Easy Upgrade – UberXL drivers love this feature. Rider booked an UberX/UberFLASH but appeared with 5 riders, no problem. UberXL drivers would warmly welcome them in, complete the trip and inform Uber to “upgrade” the riders from an UberX/UberFLASH to a UberXL trip and fare.

Easy to hit Incentives – No Acceptance Rating requirements, no cancellation rating requirements, all destination trips counted as part of incentives. Plus an incentive for weekdays and another for the weekend. Incentives may not be great but it is generally achievable.

Dear Uber, 

Although drivers never fail to blame you for the low fare, low incentive and lousy riders, they now truly understand how good you have been to them. 

Goodbye Uber! We will miss you and we will always welcome you back!

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