7 Changes to Uber in the next 6 months, tipping included

Changes are coming to Uber in the next 180 days!

After a turmoil year where Uber was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons like Uber CEO quarrel with Driver, sexy harassment and ultimately the surprise resignation of Uber found and CEO in July 2017.

Uber has announced that they have heard drivers and it is time for them to step up and give Drivers what they deserve.

Changes will be made in the next 180 days and beyond to make the Uber experience for Drivers more flexible, less stressful and giving more support.


Tipping will become an option for rider who can leave a tip at the end of the trip if they love the service you have provided

No commission will be taken from tips


5-Stars *****

Don’t you always feel that your rider cannot wait to tip you when you rush them in time for the airport, exams and interviews. Now they can !

Destination Trip Count Towards Incentives 

Destination trips allows Driver to set a destination that they are heading towards and be matched with trips heading towards the same direction

Destination trips will now be counted towards promotion such as Boost, Quest (Cash King)

Boost and Surge is applicable


5-star *****

Now you can clock your trips while travelling to your destination.


Get paid while you wait 

Drivers will earn a waiting fee when they arrive at destination and wait for their rider.

Drivers will be paid a per minute waiting fee after 2-minutes, an in-app timer is provided to do the countdown.

Details of waiting fee to be announced in due course


5-star *****

When riders are charged for waiting time, the less likely they will make you wait up to 4 mins 59 secs again.


Shorter Cancellation Window

Riders will have a shorter cancellation window without being charged, reduced from 5 minutes to 2 mins.

Rider will be charged a cancellation fee 2 minutes after the trip has been accepted.


5-star *****

Smaller window, lesser cancellations, better driving experience. Then again, more cancellation = more money !


Changes that may or may not be coming to Singapore

Instant Cash Out Incentive

Drivers can cash out their incentives instantly as soon as they have been acheived


5-star *****

Instant cash out is a good option to have for better cash-flow for petrol and rent. Grab pays its drivers in a similar manner since March 2017 with 1 day cash out.

Driver Injury Protection Insurance

Tie-up between Uber and an insurance company to provide accident, medical and lost earnings coverage

Drivers can sign-up at a subsidised rate


4-stars ****

Drivers are on the road constantly and are at risk of accident which can wipe out their monthly earnings in an instant. Having an insurance would be good but it will depends on the cost

Teen Fare

Teen account is similar to what Uber Car Seat is in Singapore except that teen account is for teen riders between 13-17 years old in selected states in America.

Unlikely to be launched in Singapore


1-star *

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