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Frustrating Uberpool Fare Cut by 98% after Complaint

This is a post of one of our community driver sharing his frustration on the ridiculous fare review that he encounter from rider Complaint. Below is his Experience on what happened on the particular trip.

“1+1 rider took an uberpool from Spottiswoode park to SGH’s block 5, lodge a complaint that poor route taken and fare was promptly adjusted from $6.13 to $0.07. Isn’t the fare fixed, irrespective of the distant traveled? Those keyboard warriors at Uber can come up with an adjustment to $0.07, which kindergarten did they graduated or not at all? The fare was restored after I stressed that route taken was what shown on the app screen.”

This is the biggest fare review reduction we have seen from community feedback, previously we shared an experience on a driver having his fare cut by 50% on a 2.0X surge trip. As usual the customer service did not check on distance travel on app and simply proceed to refund. This is Extremely Frustrating for the driver who is trying to make a honest living and have to spend time dealing with Riders that is trying their luck to get a fare reduction from a already low fare.

This is an abuse of the system by requesting for fare review when the app would clearly record the location and hence the distance traveled. It may be small amount, however its still hard earned money. Fortunately this driver managed to overturned the fare review.

We urge the drivers to always check your fare and understand when does uber pays its driver

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