Grab to reward Drivers with New Completion Bonus Incentive

Grab is giving out more incentives to rewards its drivers. There will be a new Completion Bonus that will be randomly given to drivers when they complete a trip. This is a pilot programme for GrabCar Driver-Partners.

This comes shortly after Grab announced new features to the driver app.

How to tell if the trip has a Completion Bonus Incentive

Grab completion bonus
image – Grab

All trips that comes with the new Completion Bonus will show the bonus amount beside the regular fare.

When will the Bonus be paid

The bonus amount will be paid directly into the cash wallet immediately after the trip is completed. The bonus will only be paid if the trip is completed. All cancelled trips are not eligible.

Who Pays for the Bonus

Grab will pay for the bonus incentive. Drivers should NEVER collect the bonus amount from the passenger. All bonus payments are nett and not commission deductible.

When will I get these Bonus Calls

There is no fixed pattern or time to be assigned such calls. It may randomly just happen to be assigned to you.

How to check if Bonus is paid out

Grab drivers can check the Grab Driver App Cash Wallet and also the job history to see if the payment had been reflected after the trip. Any missing payment, they can contact Grab Customer Hotline and raise a ticket.


Drivers must update their Driver App to versions 5.35.0 (Android) and 1.21.0(iOS) and above to be able to receive jobs that comes with Completion Bonus.