Changes to improve Grab Driver Experience coming in 2018

Grab is making more to changes to improve Driver’s experience with them. As part of the Better 365 initiative, more changes are coming to improve 4 key areas of drivers’ life.

Better 365 Initiative

The Better 365 initiative had seen improved driver’s experience on the Grab platform.

One key issue that driver encountered were errant riders who were travelling with children under 1.35m and did not book the appropriate GrabFamily ride-service. When the driver informed the rider that he will not be able to complete the trip, the rider often will refuse to cancel the trip. As a result, the driver had to cancel the trip on their part and affected their cancellation rating.

Grab addressed the issue by introducing an improved cancellation policy that does not affect cancellation rating.

Other Better 365 initiatives also included the introduction of the built-in Grab Map on the driver app and kerbside assistance for emergency situations.

Changes ahead in 2018

There will be 4 key area of driver’s experience that Grab is focusing in.

Grab Better 365 initiative
image – Grab

3 Key Changes that Driver will look forward to 

Bonus for distance travelled to the pick-up point – The time and distance to travel to pick-up point can sometimes be longer than the time and distance from the pick-up point to the destination.

Improved Demand Heat Map – The demand heat map needs a significant upgrade, period. As compared to the old Uber app where drivers are able to know clearly how high is the surge, the Grab Driver heat map is not able to do it. Drivers often complained that they receive trips with the normal fare despite being in a ‘super-red zone’.

Real-time in-app destination and fare change – The introduction of the in-app destination change is long overdue. Drivers and riders often have to get into a ‘discussion’ on charges of additional stops despite the presence of an additional stop charges guide and multi-stop feature for riders who want to go to multiple locations.

A Brighter Grab experience

Grab has been steadily improving the driving experience for their driver partners. Besides the Better 365 initiatives, drivers have enjoyed the benefits from the introduction of the Grab Emerald Circle program. They have also relaunched the Own Time Own Target incentive program where drivers can earn guaranteed earnings.

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