Grab remove Acceptance Ratings requirement for Incentives

Grab has introduced a ‘revolutionary’ weekly incentive package that was sent out to selected Grab Driver Partners. The weekly incentive requirement had a major change where the exceptionally high acceptance rate of 90% and above is removed.

Grab Drivers are required to fulfil 4 criteria to qualify for weekly incentives.  Acceptance Rate above 90%, Cancellation rate below 10%, Driver Rating above 4.3 and comply with PDVL regulations.

“You do what, I follow you”

Grab removal of acceptance rate comes hot on the heels of Uber’s recent move to remove acceptance rate requirement to qualify for incentives and allow the driver to choose what trips to accept.

Ironically, it was reported not too long ago that Grab had suspended Drivers with low acceptance rate. Grab was also in the news a week ago when they dangle big rental discount for Comfort Taxi drivers, in a bid to thwart the potential partnership between Uber and Comfort Delgro. It was also widely speculated that the move was aimed at Uber’s Lion City Rental (LCR), who themselves were offering their Lion City Rental Suresave Rental Rebates promotion to entice new drivers and taxi drivers to join Uber and rent a car from LCR.

Incentive screenshot from 1 lucky Grab Driver that has been selected

What is so good about this incentive

  • Driver can choose the high fare trips
  • Driver can choose not to go to places that are undesirable for earnings (going to a packed stadium to pick-up/drop off and get stuck in traffic etc)
  • Driver can siam GrabShare!
  • Driver can choose not to accept trips like this

Bad news for Grab Drivers

Before you get all too excited about the removal of Acceptance Rating for incentives, check your email or your Grab Driver app if you have chosen for this incentive. Most likely than not, 9 out of 10 have not been chosen yet.

The question now everyone is asking would be how do I get it? As of now, pray hard and hope for the best.

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