GrabShare Rider abuse the system and refused to let Driver off


Dear Firstlane, I came across this screenshot that I felt rider was in the wrong and still refused to cancel the trip. This is unfair to us drivers who have to keep cancellation rate below 10% to get incentives.

People like this are destroying our rice bowl with their selfish actions and there are so many of them everyday.

Grab should start clamping down on this type of riders !

GrabShare Trip Request

After accepting the trip, Driver texted Rider 

then things start to get escalated where more message exchanges follow

Rider blames Driver for being inconsiderate and she never faced such problems before 

Both sides refused to cancel!

What went wrong 

  • GrabShare is only for 2 person max per request. All human beings, regardless of you are 1 day old or 100 years old, are considered as 1 rider
  • When travelling with children below the height of 1.35m, Rider should always book family booking services like GrabFamily or Uber Car Seat where vehicles equipped with booster seats will be dispatched. It is against the law to for Private-Hire Drivers to ferry children below the height of 1.35m without proper restraint 
  • The driver will be flouting the law and disobeying Grab’s policies if he had proceeded. Rider refused to budge despite her mistake and punished the Driver by not cancelling the trip, a total disregard to driver’s ability to carry on working.

To all Private-Hire Drivers, know your rights and stand by it. Protect your own ricebowl 

Say no to those who abuse the GrabShare and UberPool system by appearing with 3 people! 

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Kim Jio
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