Top 3 things Drivers hate about Uber

Another round of price-reduction that took place without consultation with the industry. How much longer can Uber / Grab Drivers take the fare cut

Uber, the biggest disruptor in the transportation industry in the last decade.

They came, they seduced you with lots of goodies and now the honeymoon is over.

When the honeymoon ends, the pain begins.

Here are the top things that Uber Drivers hate about Uber in Singapore

Rider Profile

There is an ‘Elite’ pool of riders that many drivers have a bad experience with.

Why Drivers hate this group of Riders 

  • These ‘Elites’ are always late for pick-up and yet get upset with the driver when they are late for their appointment
  • They feel that they are of higher social status than a Driver and doesn’t give the driver due respect. Words like good morning, please and thank you do not exist in their conversation with Drivers

Multiple Stops on a Single Trip

Uber adopts an upfront pricing model that charges rider based on Point A to Point B. When Rider has multiple stops, Driver are to inform rider to change the location of each stop so as the additional time and distance travelled will be factored in.

What Drivers hate about Multiple Stops

  • In theory, Uber Drivers will be compensated if additional time and distance is covered by the Driver due to additional stops. However, if the multiple stops are “nearby” according to Uber standards, you will not be compensated. The additional petrol and time spent to drop off additional stops become complimentary service for Uber.
  • Multiple stops does not count as multiple trips, a waste of time for Drivers chasing Cash King Incentive

Fare Reviews

When Rider feels that the Driver did not take the most efficient route, they just need to press a Fare Review option and Uber will promptly penalise the Driver and do a part-refund to the Rider.

Why Do Uber Drivers hate Fare Reviews 

  • Customer Service do a fare review blindly and do not take into account facts of the trip before they even do a fare review.
    See how an Uber Driver fare got reviewed and reduced by $25
  • Drivers are informed via email of the fare review, a vast improvement where Driver are not notified of any fare adjustment. Driver have to spend time drafting a response to argue a case where their earnings was stolen from them.
  • Uber adopt a Upfront Fixed Fare pricing model, meaning irregardless of how much longer time and distance the Driver takes, the fare is still FIXED.



UberPool was the first commercial carpooling booking option to be introduced in Singapore on July 2016, even before GrabShare was introduced to compete against it.

Why do Drivers hate UberPool

  • Low fare
  • High commission charged by Uber when trips are matched
  • Riders are unwillingly to share and can get upset when they are matched multiple times during the trip

Understand how Uber updated the UberPool system in 2017

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