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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Grab Drivers need to hit a higher Driver Rating or face Suspension

Grab has announced that they will be revising the minimum Driver Rating (DR) requirement. The new change will come into effect on 1 July 2019. Increased...

Fall of Uber/Comfort would be bad news for Drivers

Bad News has been piling up for Team Uber and Comfort in 2017, its no longer just Uber vs Grab. But competition between 2 teams-...

Grab Riders can now change Drop-Off Point in App

Grab riders and drivers used to frown when there is a sudden change of destinations. Riders were not able to change destination in the...
Grab Jurong Island Pass

Grab Drivers can now pick-up and drop-off in Jurong Island

Jurong Island has always been a no-go-zone for private hire drivers for the longest time. It is going to change soon. Grab has launched a...

IRAS’s new measures to ensure Private-Hire Drivers pay taxes

Private-Hire Drivers alert! The Sunday Times reported that Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has approached the two ride-hailing firms. It is to make the...

Largest Carpooling Telegram Group halts operations after Transport Ministry steps in

The largest carpooling Telegram Group in Singapore SG Hitch has halted operations. It came shortly after The Straits Times reported that the Transport Ministry...

Grab reminds Taxi Drivers who charges the least commission

Comfort Delgro has imposed a new levy structure for taxi job bookings and it has upset many taxi drivers. Affected taxi drivers raised their...

Part 2 of Uber’s promise to improve experience and earnings in 90 days

Uber announced a 3-month initiative to make the overall driving experience for drivers better. The first initiative was rolled out in November 2017 and...

Grabhitch in Justgrab: LTA Evaluating over regulation issues

Earlier this week, Grab announced that they will include social carpooling service Grabhitch into the JustGrab booking system as a secondary option for riders. Riders will be...

Gojek introduces Multi-Location in single trip and cancellation fee

Gojek riders will soon have to pay a $4 cancellation fee starting 20 July 2020. Riders who cancel a booking five minutes or more after...
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