What is Uber Commute CarPooling

Uber is testing a new social carpooling service in Singapore. The new service will give regular car owners the opportunity to recover some of its car expenses while giving a ride to passengers travelling in the same direction.

The new service is named Uber Commute.

What is Uber Commute

In plain simple Singaporean terminology, Uber Commute is the equivalent of Grab’s social carpooling service GrabHitch.

Who can be an Uber Commute Driver?

Driver must be at least 18 years old, hold a valid Singapore driving licence for at least 1 year and have a private vehicle with minimum third party insurance. As it is a social carpooling service, there is no restriction on nationality and work permits.

Do I need a Private hire Car Vocational Licence (PDVL) and Decal?

There is no need to possess a PDVL. There is also no need to attach your vehicle with the blue decal like private-hire cars.

Do I need to convert to Commercial Insurance?

There is no need to convert to commercial car insurance. Regular insurance with minimum 3rd party coverage will suffice.

The rules are generally in-line with that of GrabHitch – Drivers can offer up to a maximum of 2 rides per day (Singapore Road Traffic (Car Pools) Exemptions). ERP charges can be discussed between drivers and riders up front. Uber takes 0 commission/fees from the trips. There are no fees levied on both the drivers or riders in the event of a cancellation.

The child-seat rules still apply to all private vehicles, similar to that of private-hire vehicles. Only Taxis is exempted from the requirement due to its public service vehicle status.

What is the difference between Uber Commute and GrabHitch

  1. Private-hire Cars with Z10/Z11 car classification are not allowed on the Uber Commute platform as of now.
  2. Picking multiple riders on a single trip, commonly known as stacking, is not allowed on the Uber Commute platform. Drivers can only do 1 pick-up in a single trip.

How to sign-up for Uber Commute as a driver?

Registration is slowing opening up. Stay tuned to Firstlane or follow us on Facebook for the latest update on how to sign-up for Uber Commute.

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