Uber and Grab to partner this August 2017

For the first time in history, the 2 big boys Uber and Grab will be partnering in Singapore this August 2017!

Its good to see the Private Hire Industry work together, on nation’s 52nd birthday. Could this be the beginning of the end for Uber vs Grab, and Private hire vs taxi?

What did Uber Do 

In a shocking move, Uber calls out to Grab through social media to join them in a movement to encourage commuters to leave their cars at home on National Day and pool a ride together. Uber has named this initiative as National Pool Day

Uber shout out to Grab to join them in this National Pool Day initiative 2017

What did Grab say? 

Of course they “gladly obliged”! Grab wouldn’t want to be seen as a spoil sport and reject such a significant initiative that involves bringing people closer together and reducing carbon emissions on Singapore’s birthday.

image credit – Grab Facebook

They agreed promptly to join Uber in this wonderful initiative, before flexing their muscles to show Uber who has the biggest selection of ride-sharing services when they said their GrabShare, GrabHitch and GrabShuttle will gladly join in the party. Signed off with see you at the parade!

Grab also uploaded a video that delivers a Greener Together message. What is interesting is that there are 2 cars racing at the bottom of the video and the Green car is always ahead.

Who wins? 

Eh! Why you Bojio me!

Uber has not left anything out of this National Pool Day initiative. They have done a shout out to other transport providers such as the public bus operators, the major taxi companies and the bike-sharing companies such as Mobike, oBike and Ofo.

Of course, Singapore’s most popular SMRT is also included in the shout out!

image credit – Uber

This brilliantly designed image by Uber for the National Pool Day shows you who should you choose if you decide to pool, share, hitch or go public this coming National Day 2017.

I wonder what the colour of each vehicle represents?

52% off Promo Code for National Pool Day 

Take a UberPool ride this coming National Day and enjoy 52% off all pool rides (up to $5.20).

Valid from 6 am to 1159pm on August 9.

Promo Code 


information source and photo  – Uber FB page

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